About Bowline Professional Services (Pty) Ltd

The mining and engineering industry is suffering from major skills shortages and the various mining ventures, require assistance in developing their mineral assets into mining operations (or to at least increase their value). Our service offering will satisfy this need. Similarly, financial institutions are in short supply of professional engineers who can conduct Independent Peer Reviews, Independent Technical Engineer's Reports and Due Diligences prior to awarding capital to potential mining ventures. Within the small to medium scale mining industry and private mineral asset owners, guidance is of utmost importance to ensure success in this market. This market also has the potential to significantly improve employment opportunities and enhance the economy in rural areas. In each of our Key Service Offerings, several individual activities can be provided to enhance clients' overall project, operations or business development performance.

Bowline can also position itself as the Owners' Representative. We assist owners in developing their projects, while ensuring the engineering activities are aligned to the owners' strategic objectives.We do this by getting intimately involved with strategic decision making, providing your company with the guidance required to achieve a robust business case with optimum profitability and sustainability.